About Myself

About myself

My name is Sak Wai Oon.

21 years-old.

Studying degree at UTM.

My course is Computer Science - Database.

My home near from university. I take less than 10 minutes to go back home.

I like to play basketball and computer games.

Before enter the university, i was working in Singapore.

My company name is Certis Cisco.

I am a Cash Management Officer(CMO).

It is very tired because i need work at least 12 hours. If the load increase, we need to work OT until 14 or 15 hours a day.

However, the salary are much higher than i work at other place.

About my family.
I have 3 sister.
2 of them already work and 1 is studying Form 2.

My father birthday.

Cameron trip with my family.

Union dinner with my family during CNY.

I enjoy my form 6 life. My classmates can play very crazy even teacher in front of us.

My favorite anime

My favorite NBA player

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